Touring bikes are generally used for traveling a longer distance. These bikes have a stiff and robust body. Their body is designed in a way to reduce shocks and bumps. The market for touring bikes is huge. So if you are planning to buy a new touring bike but you have a very limited budget. Then, this article is for you because I am listing some of the best Touring bikes at affordable prices.

2020 Diamondback Haanjo EXP Diamondback Haanjo 5c

This bike is One of the most preferred and affordable bikes in 2020. it performs well on rugged terrain. This bike has a 21-millimeter HED tomcat tubeless rim, which provides sufficient space for wide tires. This bike has a 73-millimeter bottom bracket shell. This bike comes in only a single wheel size of 650c. Pedals are included in this bike, and you get a limited lifetime warranty on the Frame. It comes with a durable and efficient Shimano 3 × 9 drivetrain.

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This bike comes with a full monocoque carbon 12 mm thru-axle, and it has both derailleurs (front and back) of Shimano Deore. This bike is compatible with tubeless tires. .This cycle is only available in green color. The Frame in this bike is of carbon, and it is lightweight and comfortable
Assembly time is about 30-60 minutes. This bike has TPR spire C mechanical disc brakes, which provide efficient and powerful stopping power. This bike is available in 4 different sizes SM, MD, LG, XL.

2020 Surly Bridge Club Off-Road Touring Bike

It comes at a price of 845$. The weight of this bike is 40lbs. It comes with a Shimano solo drivetrain.
This bike has a salsa cowbell drop handlebar, and due to this handlebar, you will feel comfortable and have better control over the cycle. This bike is available in white and red color.

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This bike has a deluxe fantail fork, which is made up of carbon.
And this bike has a Shimano sora shifter along with Promax DSK 330R flat mount 160 mm brakes. KMC x9 chain is present in this bike. Salsa guide stem provides a better and smooth ride on more challenging terrain. A WTB volt sport 142 saddle is present in this bike.

Diamant 135

This bike will cost you $1200, and it is one of the most selling touring bikes worldwide. This touring bike has a cantilever brake, and it comes in a drop bar type of handlebars. It is available in only black color, and it has clincher tires. This bike’s frame size is 50 centimeters, and it comes with a derailleur gear mechanism . It also has a WTB volt saddle. 9×3 Shimano Dura-Ace bar-end shifters which, help in smooth transmission. Alex Dc 19 double cassette wall wheels provide optimum security and balance.

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The crankset in this bike is of a surly long haul trucker, and its size is 50 cm.
This bike has received a lot of positive feedbacks on e-commerce websites such as eBay and Amazon. The grip on its handles is fantastic.

lKLM 2019 318 touring bikes

This bike will cost you $825, and it has a great space for mounting and pannier storage. This bike is made from Taiwan CRMo 4130 steel. This bike comes with a SR saddle, and it has a curved handlebar, also known as a butterfly handlebar. It comes with an lKLM headset included.

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You will also get both front and rear fenders in this bike. This bike is made from 304 Stainless steel. AVID BB5 disc brakes provide great stopping power and good control over the bike. This bike is available in three size variant, And it is available in two colors, Gray And green. But it can accommodate only 26 inches, 700C wheels. It is a great option if you have a lower budget. At $825, this is a great deal.

2010 Specialized Transition Elite Large

This is one of the best looking touring bikes coming at an affordable price. It was released in 2010. it has both carbon and aluminum fiber frame.
only a 700C tire is compatible with this bike. It comes with a standard Presta valve at the front and rear tube. It has 14-gram stainless steel spokes. The rear hub of this bike is made up of forged alloy QR32H. The bike comes with TSERV proTite 700×25c panaracer tire.

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The Seatpost clamp is made up of alloy, and a silver-colored Seatpost comes with a black or carbon stock. Both front and back derailers are of Shimano 105 series. The crankset in this bike is of Shimano FCR 550. KMC DX10 chain Is present in this bike. overall it is a great option, coming at an affordable price.

2019 Cinelli hobootleg Touring bicycle.

The cost of this bike is 1100 to $1200, it is a bit expensive, but it has lots of features at this price point. It was released in 2019 and available in only green color. It does not have any kind of suspension. It comes in a wheel size of 700×35c.

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It is made up of good quality Chromoly steel. This bike was manufactured in Taiwan. It has Columbus Chromor double-butted steel frame, which makes it quite durable and strong.
This bike has a Shimano crankset, a cinneli bootleg handlebar, and micro shift bar-end shifters.
The bike comes with both front and rear fenders. It has external full-length cable routing. This bike has 27 gears. Rim brakes provide a decent stopping strength.
This bike has a Columbus Cr Mo Steel fork that provides protection from bumps and shocks.


The Performance of our bicycle depends a lot on its frame, there are two frames commonly used in bicycles one is aluminum and other is carbon. 

Carbon fiber bikes are usually lighter in weight, they are stronger and comparatively less dense. You Will get a more comfortable ride on a carbon fiber bike, they are known for their better ride quality. They are carbon frame usually have less damping effect which causes degrees in ride harshness. 

Carbon frames are lesser stiff as compared to aluminum frames. But Carbon frames are a bit expensive while aluminum is cheaper 

Carbon frames are much more durable as compared to the aluminum frame, they last longer as compared to aluminum. Carbon frames are corrosion-resistant and technologically more advanced. Repairing carbon frames is quite easy as compared to aluminum frames. I have reviewed hundreds of carbon bikes and I am listing the best carbon frame bikes, which you can choose for yourself. 

specialized Tarmac Disc Expert 

This bike is one of the best performing carbon frame bikes till date, it comes with disc brakes and This bike is designed aerodynamically to provide a comfortable ride while riding at an even higher speed. 

The current model of this bike is comparatively lighter in weight. This bike is faster and swift as compared to its previous models. 

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This bike has a slender design and it has a 27.2 mm carbon post. The Saddle of this bikes are quite comfortable and it is of 27.2 millimeter. This bike is available in seven different sizes of 44,49,54,52,56,58,61 cm. It has a Specialized shallow drop handlebar 

The Overall weight of this bike is 8.33 kilograms. 

It has a wheelbase of 1005 millimeters and a trail of 5.5 centimeters. It comes with a 3D forged stem, that stem has been clamped to the alloy in this bike. 

Salsa war Road carbon apex 1 bike 

This bike is a cheap and affordable option, it comes with war road carbon frame and fork which makes it quite special and deluxe. It has mechanical disc brakes which are quite efficient and helps to control the bike quite easily, Even at the higher speeds. 

It comes with SRAM apex one drivetrain, at this price point this type of drivetrain is unexpected. This bike Comes in two-wheel variants 650c and 700c.


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This bike comes with an integrated top tube bag Mount feature, which is quite unique. shifting in this bike is very precise and easy. The weight of this bike is 19.2 pounds. 

Trek Emonda SL 6 Disc 

This bike is super lightweight and it has a drop handlebar.This bike is also available in different sizes from 47 to 62. This bike is comfortable to ride and comes with a stiff body. Pedaling system is efficient and works properly in this bike, pedals are quite responsive. 

 The weight of this bike is 8.1 kilograms. It has Bontrager elite VRC handlebars made up of alloy and their size is of size 31.8 mm. This bike comes with Bontrager Aeolus  saddle and front derailleur is of Shimano ultegra 8000 . 

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This bike has Trek emonda SL  carbon frame. The brakes work perfectly and are very responsive. Shimano ultegra hydraulics brakes make this bike quite special. Wheels are of Bontrager Aeolus Elite 35 in this bike.

Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0 Disc 

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This bike has great looks, and it’s quite expensive too .it comes with all 12-speed gearing and with an RM AXS drivetrain, which makes this bike quite special and unique. 

This most expensive variant of this bike will cost you 11000$ while the cheapest one will cost you 2425$ and it has a weight of 14.54 pounds. it comes with a 42-millimeter-deep tubeless wheel, and an efficient disc brake is present in this bike. This bike is available in six different sizes from XS to XL. 

This bike Has a good quality fork with an aluminum sterer. Shimano 105 cable actuated shifting comes with this bike and Shimano ultegra Di2 Disc brakes present in the least expensive version of this bicycle. 

Ridley Noah Ultegra Road Aero bicycle 

This bike is available in only two colors black and red. This bike comes in only single wheel size of 700c. 

The performance of this carbon bike is exceptional and it had optimized cable routing for electronic shifting. 

This bike also has a traditional aero fork which makes it quite impressive.This bike comes with ultegra Shimano gearing system. 

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And Shimano ultegra brakes provide sufficient control over the bike. It has a 4ZA cirrus pro saddle. The Seatpost of this bike is of Noah SL aero carbon. This comes with Vittoria Zaffiro Pro tires. 

The cranks of this bike are of rotor 3D30 Aero, which makes it quite impressive carbon bike. 

These carbon bikes are well accepted by a lot of riders. These carbon bikes have received a lot of positive reviews on e-commerce websites. 


Touring bikes are those bicycles that are designed and manufactured to handle long-distance traveling. These bikes are robust, comfortable and they are capable of carrying a heavy load. Their unique features include –
1)A long wheelbase, to get a comfortable ride and To avoid pedal to luggage conflict.
2) Comfortable but tough and robust body
3) Lots of luggage carrying capacity

Despite heavy-duty wheels carrying a more significant load, the frame is relatively flexible. It comes with multiple mounting points to carry luggage, bottle cages, etc. Touring bikes appear like Road bicycles
because they have a similar structure and drop handlebars, but their wheelbase is different, and you can distinguish them by looking at their wheelbase. The chainstays are longer in the touring bicycles so that
it can accommodate panniers easily. Touring bicycles come with a steel frame and an aluminum frame, and a titanium frame as well.
I have used many touring bicycles in previous years, and I’m going to list the best of them for you, which
is still too good in 2020.

Misa giramondo 700 cc
One of the best bikes of this decade. The design is crafted for long-distance traveling. it comes with 40-millimeter tires, which are quite broad, and its frame can easily accommodate 50
millimeters tires as well, if you want to travel on gravel.
This bike comes with a mountain bike crankset having 1136 tooth rear. This bike has low gears, that allow you to ride slowly on steep Hills. With three mounts on the frame and two on the fork, you
can easily carry a water bottle or cargo panniers. The best feature in the current model is the new segmented fork. The fork also has Dynamo hub wire routing.

The 2020 variant of this bike is around $1400, this bike is loaded with many amazing features and this bike comes with a relaxing geometry, and it also has a low rider rack on the front along with a tubus cargo rack on the rack.

This bike is comfortable while riding for long hours. The clearance is up to 29*2. It comes with a bar and shifters for additional adjustment and reliability. It also comes with their WTB volt sports saddle.
The best part about this bicycle comes with 25 years of guarantee and a huge load carrying capacity. Its construction is overall lightweight. It is relatively light. It is easier to handle and carry.
This bike is constructed from double-butted tig welded tubing. This bike comes with a KMC X 10 change

1 The bike is quite comfortable.
2 Comes with a great design .
3 Has ample space to carry luggage
1 It is quite costly.

1 Is this by good for long-distance traveling
Of course, this bike is quite suitable for long-distance traveling, and it is quite comfortable too.
2 Is there any feature that helps us to carry luggage
Yes, you can carry a lot of luggage with it. There are three bottle mounting locations on the main
triangle, two on the fork legs.

2 Niner RLT9
This bike comes with impressive specifications and a good design. The geometry of this bike is tweaked for continued performance and prolonged comfort over a longer distance. Carbon frames present in it
and smooth steel offers superior dampening in off-road condition, hydraulic disc brakes are present in it, which provide great stopping power. Some of the users have complained that this bike’s
fork is too heavy for cyclocross racing, while some of the users have felt the wrong gearing was angled more toward a high rate of speed.
It comes in steel carbon and aluminum offering, and this bike is quite. Manufacturers say that this bike can handle 45 LB in front and 55 LB on the rear side.

Low profile flat Mount disc mounts are present
143*12 rear spacing Is current in it.
This bike meets with MTB standards for resistance and strength.
Some users have found that more Mount could be there.
The beefy strength of the bike’s front end causes a lot of stiffness.
FA Q’s
Can this bike be used in day-to-day commuting
yes, you can use this bike anyway also in everyday commuting
Is the power transmission efficiency in this bike
Yes, power transmission is quite efficient in this bike.
What types of the brake is present in This bike
This bike comes with a hydraulic SRAM red disc brake.

Niner RLT9

AWOL Touring bike
This bike is suitable for those who are short in height, and this is my personal experience But according
to the brand, Anyone can use it. Still, the geometry and frame design adds a huge benefit to the cycling experience.
This bike has super strong racks, made of a steel frame, and many useful features, but it is not steady and fast. The front rack has a 15Kg weight carrying capacity for bags/panniers or boxes. Still, the steel
folks are too wide for conventional pioneers. The rear rack comprises of top quality tubes steel, which is used for traditional pioneers, in which you can pack away anything you’d like to take. The sparkle paint makes it quite beautiful in looks, and the big 40 millimeter wide tires cause no hindrance, even if you ride over stones and rocks.

This bike comes with white metal mudguards and the design of the Seatpost and handle reduces strain on the neck and shoulder. This bike is relatively stable even when you run it through gravels because it comes with a long rear end and an ample wheelbase. The spare disc brake with 160-millimeter rotors gives a lot of stopping power. The double-sided pad actuation added a lot of strength to the stopping brakes.
This bike comes with perfect body geometry and a phenom gel saddle.
.This bike also has an aluminum handlebar of 44 centimeters.
• Gears are of good quality.
• Riding for long-distance won’t put a strain on the neck
• The longer wheelbase makes the bike easy to ride in rugged terrain
• Slopping tube provides ample clearance in case of unplanned dismount
There is no space for fork-mounted luggage.
Tire clearances, particularly in front fork only.

• Can you carry larger wheels?
• No, you can’t.
• How is this shifting in this bike
• Bikes have perfect and faster shifting.
• Does this bike has pedal
• No, this pipe does not have any pedal

Salsa Marrakesh Drop Bar Brooks
This bike is built for daring and adventurous journeys. It comes with a Shimano Deore drivetrain component for the best performance on long rides. The drop handle presenting this bike provides an
upright and relaxed position while riding on top and uphill climbing. This bike is equipped with many attachment points for various mounting options, this bike is exceptionally durable and resistant. That’s why I can
easily travel a lot of distance without any hassle. This bike comes with still straight steerer and stainless double eyelid drops out. It has multiple bottle cages, and all such cells are mounted on fork legs to
increase the capacity. This bike is superb when it comes to price and quality it is achieved by coming with a lot of features. All components in this bike are designed to give maximum comfort and too long
experience. It is one of the best touring bikes you will ever find. But this bike is not suitable for those kinds of roads with dirt and mud, and it also comes with a very narrow and thin saddle that is uncomfortable for many users. Generally, it is available in blue and tan color options. The unique braking system for fast and responsive stopping. Bike has Reliable and resistant grip for durability. This bike is not suitable for desert and muddy and wet roads and it has a very thin saddle.

• The unique braking system for fast and responsive stopping
• Reliable and resistant grip for durability
• Comfortable steep and good looking design
• This bike is not suitable for desert and Roads which are covered with dust and mud
• It has a very thin saddle
• The thin saddle is uncomfortable
• Is this bike suitable for wet roads
• Yes, this is good for wet roads
• In which colors it is available
• Generally, it is available in blue and tan color options


Touring bikes are for those adventure enthusiasts who love to go for adventure sports and thrilling rides. Bike touring boosts adrenaline in your body. All you need is a bike, and you’re all set to go. Before choosing a new touring bicycle for you, it is imperative to think about what to expect from a touring
bike. These bikes are used in rugged terrain and adventures.

You might not feel comfortable, but these bikes are quite strong and durable.
Powerful breaks are present in these bikes, and an upright riding position, reasonable control is by the flexible movement of the handle, tough wheels, frame make tourers good round. You can also check out here the best touring bikes, you should know them before buying.

The bikes are sufficiently robust, rigid, stiff, and capable of carrying considerable loads in panniers. These bikes have many special features, such as a long wheelbase to ride comfortably and ride without any hurdle, and these bikes are flexible to control. These bikes come with heavy-duty wheels having a bigger diameter. Many mounting points are present in these bikes. Ability to carry huge panniers. Touring bikes are also usually much more massive,
I have used and tested many bikes, and I’m going to give top touring bikes under 500$ –

Giant Escape 2 Disc

Giant Escape 2 is an excellent bike for beginners who are planning to buy an
aluminum frame bike. It is lightweight compared to a steel bike; This bike is for you if you expect something more lightweight yet versatile option.
With its Aluminium frame and a better fork system in this bike, you can efficiently handle it.
But there are many more features to it. Like a comfortable saddle for beginners, the seat is designed to absorb shocks and hurdles by effective suspensions and a swift and responsive brake system. This bike performs well both on the road and off-road. You can ride comfortably
in rugged terrain. This bike has a set of tubeless tires and sturdy construction, which protects against stones and glass pieces.
This bike won’t disappoint you in the long run. It is also stylish in design, coming with great features.

Giant Escape 2 City (2017) Expert Review |

It also works off-road if needed. With a helpful set of tubeless tires along with a sturdy construction overall – this bike can take you anywhere without losing comfort or failing on the way. The handlebar and saddle of this bike allow a good posture for both long and short rides.
But it has some flaws as well, like heavy panels, and speed shifting takes more time.

Vilano Tuono 2.0 Aluminum Road Bike

This bike is an affordable entry-level bike with a 21-speed gear, a road bike that is well suited for regular transportation and adventure sport. A lightweight 6061 aluminum frame is present in this bike, and an integrated headset is also present. A new A050 handlebar mounted shifters make it easier to control, and powerful disc brakes are also present In it for all-weather braking controls.

Vilano TUONO 2.0 Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed

The complete bike weighs 26 lbs. This bike is the lightest in its class. Free pedals are also accessible with this bike. 6061 Double-butted aluminum arrow frame is present in this bike, and it has Forks f 700C threadless. It has A050 SAS handlebar-mounted shifters present in this bike.

Cube Travel Exc iridium n blue

If you can increase your budget slightly then, this bike is the best in this segment. Its geometry is designed for ultimate comfort. It’s a tracking bike in which you can easily spend as long as possible in the saddle. The saddle’s positioning is quite comfortable and optimally designed to stay on for a longer duration. It is a double-butted aluminum tube in the frame. This bike is relatively light in weight. It has a powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brake, by which you can ensure safety whenever you apply any break. Its mudguard is a full length. It comes with a 3*9Gear system. The aluminum fork present in this bike is light, versatile, and accurately designed. Its handlebar is a cube comfort trail bar of a 660-millimeter nanometer. This bike comes 5th tektro HD M 275 hydraulic disc brake. It is available in 46, 50, 54, 58 centimeters for men and 46, 50, 54 centimeters for women. It comes in the color of Iridium red. The weight of this bike is 15.3 kilogram approximately. It has acid pp Tracking pedals.

Cube Travel Exc iridium n blue 2020 - Touring Bike Men | MHW

You can easily travel a few 1000 kilometers without rattling in this bike. It has a semi-integrated luggage carrier, and an elegant finishing design is also present in this bike.

Cube Stereo 120 Race 29

This is known for its performance and comfort. It comes with Shimano legendary, reliable XD one cross 12 transmissions, and while climbing or going down, you will always be in complete control of this bike. It comes with rock shocks. Deluxe select plus deluxe select plus rebound are
just shockers which provide a good suspension. Newman evolution SL handlebars are present in this bike. The fork in this bike is rock shocks Recon gold RL, tapered off dimension 15*110mm.
It comes with tires off Schwalbe nobby nic. It comes with a natural fit venik Site saddles. The weight of this bike is 14.6 kilograms. And this bike is made from high-quality aluminum. Its wheel size is 29 inches, 29-inch tires are relatively smooth. They’re very reliable and long-lasting.
while going uphill and downhill. You can easily overcome many obstacles due to the larger Circumference of the wheel.

Cube Stereo 120 Race 29 lightgrey n black 2021 - Fully MTB | MHW

The components used in this bike are of high quality. It has a frame of HPA advanced hydroformed, which makes it quite deluxe. It has Shimano SLX Gearing having 21-speed options.

Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy SX 12 spd MOUNTAIN BIKE 2021 Blaze/Black

This bike has a frame of Orbea Occam Hydro High Polished 2020 Triple Butted, which is 140mm travel 29″-Boost 12×148. An excellent shock balance system of Fox Float DPS Performance 3-Position Evol custom tune 210x50mm, the crankset is of OC1 Alloy forged Boost 32t, and this
bike also comes with a fork of Marzocchi Bomber Z2 140 QR15x110. A headset is of FSA 1-1/8 –
1-1/2″ Integrated. This bike has a great design and solid build quality.

Stumpjumper Alloy Specialized 2021 Satin Blaze / Black

All these bikes come under 500$ on sales and you can check their prices at offline stores too, these bikes are the best in their class, coming at pocket friendly budget, their prices may vary but all are around 500$.


If you want to take a break from daily life and enjoy a long, adventurous ride on a bicycle then you need to read this article because I am listing some of the best long-distance touring bicycles, which are used by many customers around the globe and are best in performance .


Misa Giramondo 27.5

Highly preferred touring bike and one of the bestselling bikes for long-distance traveling it comes with 40-millimeter tires, which are quite broad, and its frame can easily accommodate 50 millimeters slick tires. The 2020 variant of this bike is around $1190, these bike features are modern and the bike comes with a relaxing geometry, and it also comes with a low rider rack on the front along with a tubus cargo rack on the rear side. This bike is constructed from double-butted tig welded tubing and it is a combo for bike packing and touring and it is good for long rides But it has an old, primitive bike design but that design suits riders quite well. The best feature in the current model is the new segmented fork. The fork also has Dynamo hub wire routing, the model of 2018 is a little bit costly, but yes, the price is reasonable because of the great features of this bicycle. The best part about this bicycle is that it comes with 25 years of guarantee and a huge load carrying capacity. It is relatively light and It is easier to handle and carry. 

Masi Updates the Giramondo 27.5 for 2018 -

This bike comes with a KMC X 10 change system. It also comes with their WTB volt sports saddle. 

Niner RLT9 Steel

It comes with all the new RDO carbon fiber fork. it is a combination of a steel frame and a carbon fork.This bike is great and comfortable if you are planning to go on a long ride. it has an excellent tire clearance and a space for 50C tires on some models, not all. it comes with two-wheel sizes 650B and 700C.
It is released in 2019, and it rocked the market. it does not have any kind of suspension. Both men and women can easily ride this bike without any problem, the manufacturers of this bike are claiming that this bike can handle a weight of 45 LB upfront and 55LB at the rear end, which is higher than what most of the experts are saying. The fork of this RLT 9 bike is quite heavy, which is not suitable for serious riding.

RLT 9 Steel | Adventurous Gravel Bike | Niner Bikes

on the other hand, it comes with many great features such as the carbon frame of this bike is smooth and the steel part provides superior damping on off road conditions. This bike is known for its versatility it act as a gravel bike and a commuter bike and a touring bike, It works on all three roles perfectly. It comes with a hydraulic SRAM red disc brake, which is quite impressive when it comes to stopping power. It comes with both front and rear rack fenders and is compatible with bio-centric thirty for using Singlespeed. They both offer a smooth ride and a good and durable body. Some users have complained that the bike’s front end is quite stiff, and there are fewer mounting places to carry panniers and water bottles

Salsa Marrakesh Drop Bar Brooks

This bike comes with our triple-butted Chromoly steel frame, which is quite unique and Shimano Deore’s 3×9 drivetrain works precisely and there is a lot of space for panniers. The frames in Marrakesh can easily accommodate 700×40c tires. This model is released in 2015, one problem with this bike is its heavyweight. The frame of this bike is robust and many eyelets and accessories can be attached to it. It is a bit costly, you can get this bike at 1599$ and it has a wheel size of 700c it doesn’t support any other wheel size. This bike comes with a frame of steel and it had disc brakes. The steel frame helps in dampening the vibrations. The Marrakesh comes with a Brooks b 17 saddle and mechanical disc brakes.

Marrakesh Deore Drop Bar | Salsa Cycles

Surly Pack Rat-2020

This model comes in green color only and it has a wheel size of 26 inches.

It has a front hub of Formula RB-51 32h QR and a rear hub of Formula RB-52 32h QR. This bike has Alex Adventurer 2 rims and a stem of ProMax 31.8 4 bolt. it comes with Shimano tiagra ST 4700 brake levers and it has a fantastic Seatpost of Promax SP 2016 and a WTB volt sport peddle, coming with a chain of KMC X10EL-1 and Shimano tiagra FD 4700 as front derailleur and Shimano tiagra RD 4700-GS as rear derailleurs, it costs around 1475$ the weight distribution is precise in this bike and the pack rat’s front cargo design diminishes the steering problem. Both 650b and 700c tires models are available. This bike has Tektro CR 720 brakes and has micro shift 10-speed cassette.

Surly Pack Rat front loads w/ two wheel sizes for new light touring rig -  Bikerumor

These 3 bikes should be on your wishlist if you’re planning to buy a long-distance touring bike. These bikes are already reviewed by many tourists and renowned athletes.


Biking is a fantastic sport by which we can have many benefits like good cardiovascular health, excellent posture, lower blood pressure, and good stamina. All we need is a perfect bike at the start of our journey to get a good health. I have a list of affordable bikes that I have used in my previous years.

There are many great bikes available in the market. Their prices might vary, but they are a good investment, but many of us have a limited budget. 

I’m going to list top bikes under 500 $. 


Diamondback Bicycles Trace St Dual Sport Bike – 

If you have a stringent budget, then this bike is for you. Loaded with excellent features and it is not tough on your pocket too, also so in short, you are also getting a lot of specifications at a low price, which all of us usually want along with a good brand reputation. 

It has many features such as –  

  • 60661-T6 aluminum alloy construction with forged dropouts for durability. 
  •  It has a high tensile steel fork for assured steering.
  •  It comes with Alloy linear-pull brakes, which performs quite well and provides great control.
  •  It comes with dual-sport 700C tires roll fast and smooth on the pavement with traction for trail use. 

The bike is a dual-sport hybrid bike that takes you across town and keeps going on for a longer distance without any hassle. The efficient wheels of this bike and the comfortable riding position of a mountain bike make it easier to ride, With the 21 gear combinations in the bike. You won’t feel any problem in shifting or changing gears.  

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1-diamond.jpg

The Trace st bike can easily  

withstand up to almost 300 pounds of rider and weight along with it. Please note that it doesn’t come with a rear rack or a front basket. It is more suitable for those riders who are between 5 feet and 8 inches to 6 feet and 1 inch tall. 

Cannondale Trail 8 

Cannondale Trail 8 is an affordable bike, perfect for those planning to buy their first bike. It is quite reasonable, good-looking, stylish, and incredibly easy to use. 

It has a famous Smart Form C3 alloy frame that Cannondale makes, especially for their bikes trail series. They are exceptionally durable and easy to use too, but it is also pretty lightweight for it’s a price, as the whole bike of Cannondale Trail weighs approx. 32 lbs. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2-cann.jpg

Indeed, this bike is not an excellent choice to do high jumps, stunts, and aggressive descents, but it is a perfect choice for those who ride their bike in a relaxed mood and ideal for recreational rides on well paved and metallic roads. 

They are relatively cheap and affordable, and you can get it for around 150 $. This bike has 14 gears by which you can change/shift easily, as easy as the Shimano shifters. 

Cannondale Cujo 20 Plus 

This bike is for kids, and they are the best bikes under 500$, and they are basically used for mountain biking. Bike frame material is made of aluminum, and their frame is made up of smart form C3 alloy. 

And they are manufactured with smooth welding. The overall low weight of this weight is achieved by the SmartForm C3 Aluminum frame with the kids-specific geometry. It gives the rider an upright and comforting position. Therefore, kids will feel more confident and ride smoothly. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cann-3.jpg

Cujo 20 comes with a rigid fork also with quite wide tires. Therefore, this bike is pretty easy to operate and use, and it is suitable for high terrain. 


The cheapest bike is available with great features. It is even below 300 dollars and quite handy. This bike is quite popular on amazon. The 5-spoke magnesium wheel version last year. Although it looks cool, axles are weak. . These bikes come tire size 26″ x 1.95″. But the front side needs to be upgraded for rough terrain too.

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The back can stay as it is for a while. Height is somewhere between 2.35 inches and 2.5 inches. You can also upgrade to a 27.5″ tire if you buy the appropriate-sized front fork. The mechanical disks are weak and annoyingly squeaky. This is something that the company should improve for sure. 

Trek Marlin 4 

 Trek Marlin 4 is the perfect bike for trail riding. It is ideal for new riders who are planning to buy a new mountain with knobby tires. TrekMarlin 4 has 21-speed gears with a wide range of gearing options. It provides easy riding on varied terrain. This bike performs well in muddy and wet areas.

It’s modeled for our higher-end mountain bikes, and they built with a lightweight frame of Alpha Silver Aluminium; 

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the mechanical disc brakes in both front and back sides for increased stopping power in any extreme weather conditions such as rain or harsh climate. It has a suspension fork of 75 mm size, that helps to absorb the big bumps and keep your ride comfortable. It’s built according to Trekking mountain bike heritage, and it is totally capable of taking on the trails. But it’s efficient for the daily rider too.


The masi giramondo 700cc bike comes with a beautiful brass-colored frame. TRP Spyre-C Dual Piston Mechanical Disc brakes are present in it. This bike has a cassette with an 11-36T gear range. Now, it much easier for you to ride over uneven terrain. 

Many existing customers who have purchased this bike are complaining that the rotors of these bikes are very weak and nondurable. This bike has got a Chromoly frame that has been manufactured so that it makes for a more comfortable ride. While it might not be the lightest bikes in this range and it will still provide you an enjoyable ride. 

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These are best bikes under 500$ and these bikes are durable too, so if you are planning to buy your first bike then this list will surely help you.