Best Gravel Bike Shoes For Long Distance Touring


Are you looking for the Best Gravel Bike Shoes? If so, you have to read this Best Gravel Bike Shoes Review. This is because not all gravel bike’s shoes are made the same and the differences between the different shoes are important to note. This Best Gravel Bike Shoes Review will tell you what the differences are and which of the two shoes you should get.

These shoes are a fairly unique design, compared to most of their contemporaries and competitors. The same can be said for their price. They might seem a little high on the list, but the higher price point would make it a lot more likely to actually get them.

Gravel Bike Shoes
Gravel Bike Shoes

These are the only, and only, shoes in this list that are reviewed for gravel riding as well as road riding, and the fact that they’ve got an advantage over the others is that the non-Road Solo (for road) version of this shoe is waterproof, so if that’s your main concern then that’s a big bonus to have.

What You Need to Know Before Choosing These Best Sport Shoes!

The first difference that you will note is in the material that the shoes are made out of. Some gravel bike shoes are made from plastic, while others are made of mesh. The best ones however are those that are made out of mesh. This is because the mesh is one of the toughest, most durable, fabrics that you can find on any bike component. These kinds of shoes are also breathable, meaning that your feet will be cool and dry even if you are on the go.

Another thing to look out for when buying these best gravel bike shoes is their design. Each shoe has a certain design that is unique from the other. There are those that come with cleats, but there are also those that do not. There are also those that have spikes, but those do not. The best gravel bike shoes review should note each of these differences so that you can choose which ones to get.

The next thing that you will notice is the design of the actual gravel bike shoes themselves. These shoes have cleats or laces, but some have hook-ups that are not as common with the traditional shoes. This Best Gravel Bike Shoes Review will point you in the direction of gravel bike shoes that have hooks or no hooks so that you can hook up the cleats or laces that you want.

The type of gravel you are riding can also play a role when it comes to getting the best gravel bike shoes. There are shoes made specifically for racing on gravel. These shoes have an extra protection on the front of them and some are even made to be very aerodynamic.

This Best Gravel Bike Shoes Review will take a look at the different types of gravel that you can choose from so you can choose the shoes that best suit your needs. Whether you are going to be on a trail ride or an off road ride, you will be able to find the best gravel bike shoes to get the job done for you.

Finally, the cost of these best gravel bike shoes can also vary. Some of these shoes cost a lot of money since they are custom made and then there are those that are more affordable and made off of a more generic shoe. No matter what price range you are working with, you will find a variety of gravel bike shoes to fit your budget.

You may even find that you can get these shoes for free if you are willing to try them on. This Best Gravel Bike Shoes Review will take a look at this as well in order to see if you can save money on these shoes by trying them on before buying them.

The last thing you want to do is purchase a pair of shoes and then find out they are too big or too small for your feet. These Best Gravel Bike Shoes Reviews will help you find the best fit for your feet, whether you are a man or a woman.

When it comes to choosing these Best Gravel Bike Shoes, there are many things that you need to consider. The size of the feet are very important. The fit is vital to make sure that they don’t rub on each other during the course of the ride. If you want to be comfortable while you are riding, you need to make sure that the shoes you choose are perfect for you. Best Gravel Bike Shoes Reviews will let you know which are the perfect choices for your feet and which will be best for you.

Best Gravel Bike Shoes Reviews

Arica has always been a top choice for strong, durable cycling shoes and the CT1G features plenty of protection. It also features a mesh upper and reinforced lugs for durability. This shoe provides the support and stability of a conventional shoe without sacrificing flexibility and breathability. For riders that love the feel of wool they also offer a matching wool shoe option.

Sometimes it’s a difficult decision between an inexpensive clunker and a very expensive exotica. In this vein, we’re presenting these shoes in a comparison format, with the most affordable offering, the Maxxis High Roller II, taking on a pair of carbon goobers from O’Neal, Muxford and Under Armor.

Let’s get down to brass tacks: they’re all very comparable in their current stock specifications. The latest models have little to no change in their design, from the toe-box forward. All have the same round toe shape, flat, extended lugs, heel cup and a high tongue which makes these shoes very airy and a breeze to pedal in.

The one that stands out the most is the Muxford, which does what no other shoe does — save for the specific model we tested, the Clifton. It’s one of the lightest shoe in this list at 11 ounces, only trailing the Moxi by three ounces.


  • Awesome traction on slick terrain.
  • Lightweight and much more versatile than cross bike shoes.
  • Much more weather/waterproof and breathable than cross bike shoes.
  • Traction on loose surfaces like loose rock, tar, or sand.
  • Excellent for neutral riding in slippery conditions.
  • Fast as hell.


  • Not an actual shoe.
  • Fairly expensive.
  • Available in just one size.
  • Handlebar adapter.

Advantages Of Gravel Bike Shoes

1. Multi-directional support

With a mid-foot drop and tight toe box, the Sole Cuvaire upper ensures that the foot is always supported at just the right angle and spot on the ground.

2. Mid-foot drop

You will find that your heel stays low on the sole, while your forefoot lifts up. This is a typical multi-directional support and it helps you prevent calf and knee pain by removing the forces that would usually keep your foot flexed and angled upward.

3. Compression toes

The upper area where the ball of your foot would normally be can be compressed to create space for the toes. This is great for increasing comfort.

4. Compression footbed

The unique compression soles for the Sole Cuvaire’s toe box area keeps your toes upright and gives you a great feel for the ground when you ride.

5. Cobblestone texture

The cobblestone sole texture is the first thing that catches your eye on the demo shoes.


Unless you plan on racing bikes that have cantilevers, pointy knobs, or skewers, you’ll probably only be able to find full-fat 25mm clinchers on the market. Full-fat means you can easily put them over a normal size pedal.

FAQ’S – Gravel Bike Shoes

How should bike shoes fit?

Before buying new bike shoes for yourself or a non-bicycle cyclist, check out this very helpful page. In fact, before buying new bike shoes, check out this very helpful page.

In fact, there is one way to know your bike shoes have properly fit you already. practice dropping your bike into potholes, roots, rocks, mud, etc. (or think of how these things would land with full power in a smaller rider’s shoe). Did your shoes go flying off? That means your shoes fit you well!

How do bike shoes work?

The center of the shoe is where the foot will actually be; the outer portion of the shoe will contain the flexing elements to make the shoe responsive to the foot’s movements. Think of it as the arch and heel on a normal pair of running shoes. This shape, known as a “platform”, allows the foot to function properly when running.

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