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Kona Sutra adventure touring bikes are known for many of their innovative features. These features have made Kona the top choice for adventure bike tours all over the world. If you are planning a great motorcycle trip, Kona is the best way to go.

Kona Sutra offers many different kinds of bikes to fit your riding style. Whether you want to go for a laid back leisurely ride, or feel like you need to do some serious off roading with some nasty riding and deep powder, Kona Sutra has mountain bike options that will fit your needs. Kona offers both hard tail and dual suspension bikes so you can get a hard tail or a dual suspension bike that best fits your style. You will love riding a Kona Sutra!

Kona Sutra
Kona Sutra Ltd

Kona Sutra offers bikes for all skill levels. Whether you are new to riding a bike or an experienced rider, Kona Sutra has a mountain bike that will suit you. The good thing about Kona Sutra bikes is that they come in many different price ranges. You can get a great bike for a great price without sacrificing quality or performance.


Kona Sutra offers solid construction and reliable engineering so you know your bike is going to stand the test of time. It doesn’t matter whether you are cruising the Pacific coast or taking a family ride out west, Kona Sutra can help make your ride better than ever. Kona Sutra offers the highest quality in bike parts and accessories so you can ride better than anyone else!

Kona Sutra offers the best quality adventure touring bikes in the industry. They use the best adventure bike components available so you can trust that your investment is in good hands. Kona Sutra has many models to choose from so there is sure to be one that suits your personal biking style.

Whatever your level of riding expertise is, Kona Sutra can customize a bike for you so you can enjoy the great outdoors while still getting up to speed on your bike. You will want to upgrade your bike when you find the great deal on Kona Sutra adventure bikes.

When you shop for Kona Sutra adventure touring bikes online, you will get a chance to do some online research before you start buying. This is important because you want to make sure you are getting the best bike for your needs.

Do some comparison shopping, so you can see what options are available. Also, if you need some help finding the right Kona Sutra bike for your needs, feel free to give the sales reps on the site some questions. They are happy to help!

Kona Sutra bikes are a great bike for anyone looking for a solid bike that will last many years. The bikes are made with a high level of craftsmanship and quality, so you can trust that you are investing in a product of quality craftsmanship.

Kona Sutra bikes are offered at a great price on the Internet so you can afford to buy a bike like this and enjoy the ride whenever you want. You won’t be sorry you bought a Kona Sutra bike from an online sale.

Kona Sutra bikes are some of the best bikes on the market. If you have been looking for an adventure touring bike, then Best Kona Sutra bikes are the ones you have been looking for. Get online today and start looking for bikes so you can enjoy great biking anytime you want.

Best Kona Sutra bikes are available at great bike auctions online. You can purchase a Kona Sutra bike from an auction online that is full of bikes for you to choose from.

If you don’t know where to look, then you can find an online auction for bikes where you can purchase the Kona Sutra bike of your choice at a great price. With Kona Sutra bikes being sold at such a cheap price on the Internet, you won’t regret the purchase. The bike you purchase today will provide you with years of pleasure and memories.

Kona Sutra tour bikes are a great way to take your bicycle touring experience to the next level. Best Kona Sutra bikes are strong and durable for all types of road conditions and are designed to make riding any road a fun and exciting adventure. Kona Sutra adventure touring bikes are able to handle rough terrain, slick roads, and all types of weather conditions.

Kona Sutra bikes were designed to provide you with an easy to ride bike that was made to take any type of abuse and withstand any type of challenge. With Kona Sutra tour bikes you can go anywhere that you want to go.

When you purchase Top Kona Sutra Touring bikes online, you are going to have many options. When you first begin to look at bikes and bike parts you are going to be overwhelmed by the amount of options that are available. So, it is a good idea to learn a little bit about each bike brand and their products before you begin shopping. Once you have a little bit of knowledge about each of the bike brands, you can narrow down your search to just a few options.

Online retailers that sell Kona Sutra tour bikes will often have some reviews written by people who have purchased the particular bike that you are interested in. So, you can read these reviews to help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing a Best Kona Sutra Touring bike online.

Kona Sutra Touring Bikes – A Great Bike For Everyone

Kona Sutra LTD Touring Bikes is among the finest bikes in the world. These Kona Sutra Touring Bikes is manufactured by Kona, a Japanese motorcycle company. Kona manufactures some of the best bikes in the world and is a very reputable company with many fans. They are known for their smooth riding, long lasting frames, and their strong engines. Kona has been building touring bikes for over one hundred years.

The Kona Sutra Touring bikes are a good bet if you are looking for an excellent touring bike. You get a touring bike that will give you all the comfort and performance you would expect from a bike of this quality. You also get a bike that you can ride on any type of terrain. You have a choice of three different frame sizes, so your bike can accommodate riders of all sizes. Kona Sutra Touring bikes are built with aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber materials.

The Kona Sutra Touring bikes come in many beautiful colors. Some of these colors include blue, cream, grey, pink, purple, green, black, and many more. The great thing about Kona Sutra Touring bikes is the way they look. When you ride one of these bikes you will definitely look like a professional mountain biker! When you look great on a bike, you look like a professional!

Best Kona Sutra Ltd Product Reviews

You can choose between touring bikes that are loaded with suspension or you can choose a lightweight single wheel bike. Lightweight Touring bikes give you the ability to travel great distances while enjoying the great outdoors. The Kona Sutra Touring bikes also come in tandem. This means that if you want to ride with another rider, then both of you can! This combination riding allows for double the fun!

Kona Sutra Touring bikes are loaded with features that will blow you away. You will be able to ride on hardtail-style frames, which are lighter in weight. These Kona Sutra Touring bikes give you the ability to change the front wheel without removing the saddle! You can change the handlebars to anything from clip brakes to hydraulic ones. The Kona Sutra Touring bikes will give you unlimited levels of control.

Kona Sutra Touring bikes have disc brake systems on both the front and back wheels. This will help you have great stopping power no matter what type of surface you are riding on. You will also be able to adjust the front and rear shocks. The shock absorbing ability of these Touring bikes makes them a great bike for any rider, new or experienced.

Kona Sutra Touring bikes are loaded with features. They have front and rear mudguards and are loaded with front and rear shocks. This gives you all the protection you need from slipping on the trails. Plus, the Kona Sutra Touring Bike is loaded with a lot of extra goodies that make this bike a great deal. With a Kona Sutra Touring Bike, you are getting a great bike that is loaded with quality features.

Kona Sutra Touring bikes are a great way to take your riding to the next level. This bike was built with touring in mind and is loaded with all the features that make it a great bike for any level of riding. Ride a Kona Sutra Touring Bike today!

Kona Sutra Touring bikes are loaded with extra features. Kona has incorporated some great features in their Touring bikes that are sure to please even the most demanding of bikers. Kona Sutra Touring bikes have front and rear mudguards and have been designed to handle all but the most aggressive riding conditions. Kona Sutra Touring bikes are built with a long life in mind. Kona manufactures bikes that have been tried and true for years, so you know that your bike will last just as long.

Kona Sutra Touring bikes have always been known for their attention to detail. Kona has continued to build on their reputation for quality. Kona Sutra Touring bikes were built for long lasting enjoyment and to withstand the rigors of any challenging riding environment. Kona Sutra Touring bikes are loaded with all the best features. With Kona Sutra Touring bikes, you get comfort, performance, style, and durability in one bike.


Kona Sutra Touring bikes are built to last. You should feel comfortable when riding your new bike. You can count on these bikes to give you a great riding experience every time you ride. If you want a bike that is light weight and easy to handle, then Kona Sutra Touring is the perfect bike for you. Kona Sutra Touring bikes will make any enthusiast happy, no matter what level of riding them currently at. Kona Sutra Touring bikes are loaded with great features, a comfortable ride, and durable construction, all at an affordable price.


How much does kona sutra weigh?

The Kona Sutra LTD utilizes the exact same steel framework as the Sutra touring bike, but it is kitted out with a lot of a gravel / bikepacking construct. This sheds a couple kilograms off the bicycle to bring the pounds beneath ~13kg

How much weigt csn kona sutra handle?

The manual claims it may maintain a rider of 300 lbs / 136 kg, and bag of 30 pounds / 14 kg.

what size seatpost on kona sutra ltd?

Velo Shock-proof pub tape retains down the vibrations and WTB Venture TCS 700x50c tires make fast work of terrain.

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